(Zea mays)

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Growing Facts

Hong Kong Warm Growing Season (May-August)


In warm weather, they will often benefit from some shade

In cool weather, the plants will need full sun for at least 6 hours for most rapid growth 

High amount of water

These fast-growing plants must have all of the water they need for rapid growth

It's important that the soil is kept moist at all times


Corn needs at least 40cm of root space

The root system can grow to be as long as the corn is tall

Plant the seedlings 1.5-2 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart, in rows spaced 30-36 inches apart

Fun Facts
Corn is the food crop that has the world's highest yield 
Corn belongs to the grass family, along with bamboo
Apart from serving as food or processed as food ingredients, it is also used as biofuel and to produce biodegradable plastics 
Health benefits of corn include controlling diabetes, preventing heart ailments, lowering hypertension, and preventing neural-tube defects at birth 

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