Online Microgreens Planting Workshop


Growing your own food is not only a fun and healthy activity, it also helps us to understand how our food is grown, and where our food comes from. Industrial agriculture and our food system are responsible for massive destruction of rainforests and biodiversity, as well as pollution of our rivers and oceans; and yet at the same time, generates food miles when we import food from far away. When we are able to consume more locally, more organic, we can not only do good for our bodies, but do good for our planet as well.



Why not start a more sustainable lifestyle by growing your own vegetables and food?




Redeem your Microgreens Grow Kit




Congratulations! DBS Treasures and Rooftop Republic are pleased to bring you our Online Microgreens Planting Workshop and a chance to redeem a complimentary kit to get started on the journey of growing your own food at home!



Each Microgreens Grow Kit contains:

  • 優質白色陶瓷種植盆 | Premium White Ceramic Growing Pot

  • 4種迷你菜種子 (苜蓿, 紅莧菜, 火箭菜, 黑蘿蔔) | 4 types of Microgreens Seeds (alfalfa, red amaranth, arugula, black radish)

  • 土壤 | Potting Soil

  • 植物標籤 | Plant Tags

  • 噴霧瓶 | A Spray Bottle

  • 種植指南 | Microgreens Growing Guide



Please fill in the form below for delivery arrangement. Each DBS Treasures customer can redeem one kit only on a first-come, first-served basis.