Basic Microgreens Growing Kit|迷你菜種植套裝

Basic Microgreens Growing Kit|迷你菜種植套裝


Grow delicious and nutrient-packed microgreens at home with our curated Microgreens Growing Kit!


The Microgreens Set include: 

  • Plastic growing tray with 12 growing cells (18.5cm x 15cm x 6cm)

  • Four types of microgreens seeds

  • Potting Soil

  • Plant tags

  • Spray Bottle

  • Rooftop Republic's microgreens growing instructions


Growing microgreens is fun, easy, and you can harvest them in just 7-10 days. You can simply grow them on a window ledge, so no outdoor space is needed. 


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  • 12格塑膠種植盆(18.5cm x 15cm x 6cm)
  • 迷你菜種子(4款)
  • 盆栽土壤
  • 植物標籤
  • 噴霧瓶
  • 雲耕一族食用蔬菜苗種植指南(暫只供英文版)


種植迷你菜輕鬆有趣,您可以在7到10天內收穫它們。 您可以將種植盆簡單地放在窗台上,因此不需要室外空間。



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