Premium Hose Trolley|優質灌溉手推車

Premium Hose Trolley|優質灌溉手推車


Premium 20 meter hose trolley from Gardena. This is a durable, high-quality hose trolley and the same one that we prefer using on our professional urban farms.


Note: Since this is a large item, we need to arrange delivery through private van. We recommend purchasing this item along with a Grow Kit to take advantage of our flat rate van delivery fee! Or you can contact us at [email protected] if you would like to arrange pick-up from our office in Lai Chi Kok.




注意:由於這是一件大型物品,我們需要安排貨車送貨,需要收取運費。 我們建議您將此商品與“種植套裝”一起購買,以便我們統一送貨。 或者,如果您想到我們位於荔枝角的辦公室取貨,也可以通過[email protected]與我們聯繫。

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