The Edible Roof - A Guide to Productive Rooftop Gardening|天台耕作-天台園藝指南

The Edible Roof - A Guide to Productive Rooftop Gardening|天台耕作-天台園藝指南


A growing number of people residing in high density cities like Hong Kong are aspiring a way of living that is sustainable and regenerative. Rooftop gardens of fruits and vegetables are opening up opportunities for urban farming enthusiasts. It is a rising genre of urban agriculture that poses challenges different from ground-level farming. Mathew Pryor, a professor from the University of Hong Kong, with his expertise in creating rooftop landscapes, and 25 years of landscaping research and fieldwork, developed this bilingual companion guide for individuals and community groups from  this multicultural city to create and run productive rooftop farms with minimal effort and expense.


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  • 220 pages
  • Full-colour. Softcover
  • 248mm (H) x 188mm (W) 
  • English and Chinese
  • ISBN 978-988-13114-7-4


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越來越多的人居住在香港這樣的高密度城市,他們渴望一種可持續的生活方式。 種植水果和蔬菜的天台花園為城市農業愛好者提供了機會。 這是都市農業的一種新興形式,帶來了不同於傳統農業的挑戰。 香港大學教授彭文輝憑藉其在創建屋頂景觀方面的專業知識以及25年的園林綠化研究和田野調查,為這個多元文化城市的個人和社區團體開發了雙語指南,以最有效益的方式創建和經營生產性天台農場。




  • 全書220頁
  • 全彩印刷平裝本
  • 248cm(高)x 188cm(寬)
  • 中英雙語
  • 書號:978-988-13114-7-4



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